More than 25 years of experience in handling international shipments

Austria parcel distribution

Austria is normally a 2-3 day distribution leadtime from Belgium and Netherlands with standard parcel integrators.

Speedlink has the following service offering for Austria:

  • Next day Express and Time Critical shipments
  • Day 2 service via road, beating the prices  and the lead times of the standard parcel integrators
  • Reverse logistics
  • Innight carboot delivery

Next Day Express and Time Critical shipments

Ex. Belgium and The Netherlands, Speedlink operates daily road-linehauls into the central sorting hub in Austria. With the latest drives departing from the Speedlink gateway in Amsterdam or directly from our customer’s EDCs based in Belgium or the Netherlands, Speedlink operates direct-infeeds before midnight, to ensure a timely connection with the next day network.

Day 2 service via road

Austria is one of Speedlinks’ largest destinations in terms of volume. Many customers with large Austrian e-commerce and BtoB volumes are using Speedlink for faster lead times and reduced costs, while using the services of Austria’s local hero E-commerce network.

Reverse Logistics

Speedlink operates daily returns from any location in Europe, including medical devices from hospitals or (service) parts from dealers and engineers. The return volumes are collected and consolidated and are returned towards the Netherlands in the leadtime requested by the customer.

Innight Carboot Delivery Austria

Speedlink offers a daily Air-linehaul to Vienna, making a timely connection with our partnered In-night network. Service parts are delivered before 7.00 AM in the carboot of the vans of the service engineers.