More than 25 years of experience in handling international shipments


Medical Devices

Speedlink has a large market position in the distribution of medical devices towards the Iberian peninsula. Speedlink is the only distribution solution that delivers all hospitals in Spain and Portugal prior to 12 am, since the Hospital expeditions close early in these countries.

  • Speedlink is the only network which allows pre 12 distribution all over Spain and Portugal including the out of areas like the Canaries, Balears Azores and Ceuta and Melilla.
  • Furthermore, Speedlink offers digitalized signed packing list return as a value added service. This improves a swift declaration of invoices at the social security. An invoice combined with proof of the signed packing list will be compensated within weeks instead of months by the social security.
  • Finally, Speedlink is specialized in department level distribution. If a shipment has to be delivered to a specific department (EG the Hospital pharmacy), the delivery will bypass the expedition, allowing for swift delivery or for instance temperature controlled medicines.

Clinics, Laboratories and dentists

For clinics, dentists and laboratories in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector a timely delivery is important. Particularly since the trend is to deliver your pan-European customers directly from a Central European Warehouse.

This includes the necessity of timely delivery all over the European Union, including out of areas where clinics, dentists and opticians are based as well. A dental implant has to be on-time, for a dentist to meet the commitments with his increasingly demanding patients. Reliability and flexibility in terms of service offering is key, and Speedlink offers both.

On a daily basis we operate deliveries to clinics, dentists, opticians and laboratories standard next day combined with early morning time deliveries.

The flexibility to choose between multiple service levels are much appreciated and enable you to offer a broad service offering from your European distribution Centre.

  • D1 service
  • D2 service
  • Economy service
  • Efficient Pick up and return services (including Dangerous goods and pick up on department level)
  • Dedicated special services like On Board Courier and next flight out

Besides, Speedlink offers all dedicated services needed for emergency shipments to laboratories, such as the Same-Day delivery of medical devices, tissues, blood-samples and clinical-studies.

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