More than 25 years of experience in handling international shipments


Direct infeed integrator 

Speedlink injects your e-commerce volumes in the leading local e-commerce network. If you have e-commerce volumes on for instance Austria, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Italy or Denmark and you want to use Speedlinks E-commerce services to get either faster service, better quality, or better rates.

  • Fast service

If you want a faster lead time for your e-commerce shipments, Speedlink is your partner to inject your e-commerce shipments directly in the local hero e-commerce network. 

  • Network bypass

Speedlink arranges a direct infeed in the local hero e-commerce network of the destination country. Bypassing the collection and sorting facilities of the large integrators. Less handling, less cross docking, less sorting, less line hauling and less overhead is accomplished.

  • Lower costs

The large number of shipments which Speedlink injects in this local hero network delivers economies of scale (purchasing). By continuously building volumes, larger discounts on local tariffs are achieved.