More than 25 years of experience in handling international shipments

Document delivery

ID documents, Visa’s and important contracts

Speedlink operates a worldwide delivery service for important and urgent documents, including:

  • Personalized documents: Passports or IDs
  • Visa’s
  • Credit cards
  • Commercial tenders or contracts with specific deadlines

Speedlink guarantees the secure and timely delivery of your documents. Your urgent documents will be sent at the requested service level and tracked during the process. The consignee will sign for the correct receipt of the shipment. Once delivered, a signed proof of delivery will be forwarded to the shipper.

Value added services:

  • Identification: the Consignee has to Identify him- or herself before handing over the document
  • Hand out in Person: the Document will be handed out only to the consignee in person

Speedlink provides a wide range of speed levels, enabling you to select the most appropriate and economic solution.

Same day document deliveries

  • On Board Courier
  • Direct Drive
  • Next Flight Out

Next Day Document deliveries 

  • Next Day standard End of Business Day (EOB)
  • Next Day Early morning Guaranteed Time Deliveries (pre 12.00, pre 10.00 pre 8.30)
  • Saturday delivery
Special services Speedlink: next flight out emergency shimpents, Same day document deliveries