More than 25 years of experience in handling international shipments



With more than 310 depots we have a 100 % coverage all over Iberia including Spain Mainland, Portugal Mainland, Andorra, Gibraltar, Canarian Islands, Baleares, Azores, Madeira and the Spanish enclaves in Northern Africa Ceuta and Melilla.


  • Next Day Express services
  • Guaranteed Time Delivery’s
  • Signed packing list returns
  • Reverse logistics
  • Same day services
  • PuDo deliveries
  • Field stock locations (FSL’s)
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Door to door service for pallets, including temperature controlled shipments

Next Day Express Network
Ex. Northern Europe Speedlink operates daily line hauls by Road and Air, into the  local Hubs in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. With the latest flights departing  from among others Amsterdam, Brussels and Copenhagen we operate Direct-Infeeds  into our Iberian Hubs before midnight, to ensure a timely connection with our  next day network. As of 8.00 AM your shipments will be ready for delivery all  over the country, including all rural areas.
The express network for Spain and Portugal offers you the following next day services:

  • Next Day before End of Business Day
  • Guaranteed pre 12.00 delivery
  • Guaranteed pre 10.00 delivery
  • Guaranteed pre 8.30 delivery
  • Delivery on Saturday

By combining the latest cut-off with an early morning delivery anywhere in Iberia, we have created a unique proposition for you to dispatch these consignments from your central warehouse in the Netherlands or Belgium, offering your local customers the best in class service.

Value Added services

  • Service Notification by SMS and E-mail
  • Collection (pre-alert / e-alert)
  • Delivery (pre-alert / e-alert)
  • Incidence (e-alert)
  • Clients delivery notes
  • POD digesting and archiving

Complementary Services
We offer a wide range of complementary services, including

  1. Pick-up-Drop-Off points (PuDos)
    With more than 310 PuDos all over Iberia, your Field Engineers can collect their service parts latest at 8.30 AM at a PuDo location close to their residence or the service areas. Return items can be Dropped of to your local warehouse or back to your EDC.
  2. Field Stock Locations (FSLs)
    With 25+ FSLs we guarantee all over Spain and Portugal a delivery service within maximum 4 hours.

First GDP Certificated Express company in Spain.

This certification ensures that the quality system of the company includes the key aspects for the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring distribution service according to the law (including; training, documentation system, validations, risk analysis, safety and traceability).

The first GDP compliant Express Network in Spain.

Same day Delivery
We offer Same Day services from any place in Spain and Portugal to anywhere in Iberia or Worldwide, inbound or outbound.

Door to Door Pallet Distribution
Door to Door service for Pallets, heavy weight and multiple parcel shipments. We operate the collection from your warehouse in the Benelux and Germany, the road- or air-line haul and local distribution within Iberia. Including temperature controlled distribution for Pharmacies and Hospitals.

Security and Technology
The Iberian Network is equipped with control and classification systems, security cameras, Vehicles equipped with GPS, PDA’s with online Transmission of Digital signatures, offering 100 % Traceability.

Via our Integrated Interfaces we facilitate all your needs regarding the exchange of shipping data, Real Time Track and Trace, Incident reporting, Invoicing, Management Information.

Carbon Footprint

Nacex is part of Grupo Logista, the leading comprehensive distributor of value added products and services to capillary retail networks in Southern Europe.

Grupo Logista has implemented a system for calculating and tracing emissions of greenhouse gases by all its activities.

The Group so obtains a detailed and exhaustive system for calculating, analysing and controlling the emissions of greenhouse gases, extending to all activities carried out both directly and indirectly.

The Group thus demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability of its activity and extends to this area its vocation for operational efficiency.

The system has a calculation and analysis methodology based on the internationally recognized Green House Green Protocol standard, as well as on the new UNE-EN-16258:2012 rule for energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases in freight services.

Furthermore, the calculation of emissions has been verified according to the ISO 14064 standard, achieved with the highest assurance level, ensuring that both the methodology and procedures applied fairly represent the information on greenhouse gases emissions in a consistent, objective, transparent and accurate way.