Latest possible cut-off combined with early morning deliveries anywhere in Europe


Strategy of Speedlink Worldwide Express is to provide premium logistic services all over the world, constantly in line with the changing demands of our customers. In this process, once dedicated solutions will be embedded in solid and qualitative network-based solutions.

With an unparalleled flexibility, Speedlink always finds the best possible solution. Due to her global experience, Speedlink understands how to respond rapidly on requests for an emergency delivery. Speedlinks’ customers can always rely on dedication and expert knowledge of our the Speedlink special services. Speedlink strives to anticipates adequately on new requirements or extended geographical demands by continuously strengthening and improving her global coverage. Speedlink builds true customer value in monitoring and optimizing our global network of best-in-class local distributors.

We support a seamless implementation of these changes in networks. The Speedlink data hub provides one single portal for real-time data exchange of all your shipments, whether it concerns dedicated emergency services, supply chain solutions or global express network deliveries. Speedlink is organized to provide any speed you need, from anyplace to anywhere at anytime.