More than 25 years of experience in handling your international shipments

What we do

Speedlink offers a worldwide express network as well as time critical special services. As a result customers will never have to compromise in terms of service or speed. Speedlink offers a unique network model, with direct infeeds in the best available last mile distribution network per country. By injecting in a local parcel distribution network via a direct drive or a direct flight, the entire network infrastructure of the large carrier networks will be bypassed. In bypassing time consuming sorting, cross docking and linehauling, Speedlink offers a late cut off combined with an early morning delivery.

Worldwide Express Network

Speedlink offers a worldwide Express Network. Within Europe Speedlink provides unparalleled next day services, including early morning time Deliveries:

  • Guaranteed pre 08.00
  • Guaranteed pre 09.00
  • Guaranteed pre 10.00
  • Guaranteed pre 12.00
  • Delivery on Saturday

Special Services

In order to meet with your deadlines for any urgent delivery, Speedlink operates a broad palette of dedicated Special Services:

  • Charters,
  • On Board Courier
  • Next Flight Out
  • Direct Drives

Speedlink provides Time Critical services for Healthcare, High-Tech, Automotive,  Aviation, Off-shore, and many other industry sectors, including for 3PLs and  integrators. Speedlink handles a broad range of products, varying from single documents  and small parcels to odd-sized shipments including (medical) devices and service  parts. Speedlink provides an unparalleled service with a 100 % commitment and specialized knowledge for every customer at any size at any industry.